Sagta is a technology driven company who is strong in bulk material handling equipment development.

With more than 100 R&D engineers, we develop many innovative technology for both the conveyor system and key components. CAD, PROE and ANSYS are adopted.

By building the belt conveyor dynamic mathematic model upon the technical specification and topography changes, we could optimize the equipment specification, reducing the risk and investment with safety and reliability.



Braking power of one set of controllable self cooling disc brake device under power generation condition exceeds 1600kW.

Installed power of one set hydraulic viscous soft start up device exceeds 1600kW.

Innovative patent: controllable brake idler.

Special curved belt conveyor of large turning angle and small radius.

Upward belt conveyor max. Inclination 33°.

Downward belt conveyor Max. Inclination -29°.

Downward belt conveyor Max. installed power (4x-1000 kW)

Upward and downward portable belt conveyor

Idler of high seal, long and big velocity.

High speed backstop of low limited-moment.

Large inclination crossing head downward belt conveyor.







The measures to avoid the demagnetization of the motor permanent magnet, rational structure design and cooling system, to make sure the working temperature of motor under 90℃. Avoid the active demagnetization of permanent magnet. The natural aging is only 0.1% in 10000 hours.

Chemical stability: Oxidation prevention in production, with protective coating, galvanizing nickel plating, epoxy coating.


•Add a framework oil seal on the motor cover to stop the axial splash entering the motor.

•Add seals on the groove of the top cover of motor, to stop the water congealed by spraying device entering the wiring cavity from the bolt hole.

•Have adhesive sealing on the end cover and shell end face of motor, to stop the water enter the motor when soaking.



•Good corona resistant performance of windings after encapsulation, to solve the turn-to-turn short circuit in motor.

•Better heat conduction performance of windings after encapsulation. In comparison to “VPI vacuum dipping paint", , the temperature of motor will be lower of 40-50k.

•Better insulativity, improve the reliability.

•Improve the windings performance of mechanical strength, waterproof, dustproof, antifouling, and free of maintenance through its lifetime.










Improve the windings performance of mechanical strength, waterproof, dustproof, antifouling, and free of maintenance through

Simple power drive system - no gear box, energy saving, reliable and safe, easy installation, smaller volume;

High efficiency- the self-efficiency of motor is over 96% power factor can reach 99%;

Big starting torque - starting and parking in heavy load, the starting torque can reach 2.2 to 2.8 times of nominal torque.

Stepless speed regulating - Good performance on speed control, can regulate the speed automatically.

Excellent PF balancing function - balance the load of each motor, realize balanced power output.

Intelligent and digitization - complete protection against overvoltage, over current, under voltage, overheat etc. Realize the digital control of mine when unattended.

High comprehensive performance - high efficiency, low noise, no maintenance, good anti-corrosion and energy saving performance.






Application of Suspension Bridge in Belt Conveyors


The overland curved belt conveyor for Jinjia Coalfield successfully use suspension bridge instead of the truss as gallery structure for first time.

Material: waste rock

Design Tonnage: 300t/h

Length: 1315m

Belt Width: 800mm

Belt Speed: 2.5m/s

Drive Power: 2x200kW

Qty of Turning Section: 1

Turning Angle: 15.1°

Radii: 500m




Long-distance Curved Belt Conveyor for Sichuan Lisen Cement Group


A extremely difficulty Long-distance Curved belt conveyor. Along the belt conveyor the terrain is rugged: two large-angle turnings, several go-through tunnel sections and supporting columns height over 78m. Material: limestone

Design Tonnage: 2200t/h

Length: 9700m

Belt Width: 1200mm

Lifting Height: -360m

Drive Power: 3x900kW

Belt: ST3150

Belt Speed: 3.5m/s

Angle of 1 Turning Section: 21.56°

Radii: 2322m

Angle of Turning Section: 36.68°

Radii: 2005m




Inner Mongolia Mengxi Arun Long-distance Curved Belt Conveyor


Big temperature variation for different seasons - lowest temperature is -45°in winter.

The whole belt conveyor system is divided into 3 flights and with totally 6 special curves along the conveyor belt.

Length: 24650m

Drive power: 14x560kW




The two-way transportation belt conveyor in Lv’shui’dong coal mine


A high-efficient underground coal mine conveyors which can transport 3 materials at the same time, with coal and waste rock on the upper side and waste rock on the lower side.

The application of unique loading and unloading devices, turnover devices and effective cleaners completely solves the problem of handling coal and waste rock simultaneously.

Material: raw coal waste rock

Capacity of the carry side: 400t/h

Drive Power: 4x250kW

Capacity of the return side: 100t/h

Inclination: 12-0°

Length: 5625m Belt Width: 800mm

Belt Speed: 2.5m/s




6-kilometers-long and double-S-Shaped curved belt conveyor for Hydropower Station.


Qty of Turning Section: 4(Double-s-Shaped)Angle of I Turning Section: 39.92°

Radii: 1000m

Angle of II Turning Section: 45.26°

Radii: 1000m

Angle of III Turning Section: 27.44°

Radii: 1000m

Angle of IV Turning Section: 27.37°

Radii: 1000m

Material: limestone

Design Tonnage: 2500-3000t/h

Length: 6015m

Belt Width: 1200mm

Belt: ST1600 Belt Speed: 4m/s

Drive Power: 3x560kW



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