General Introduction


The Company had been well-developed as a professional enterprise that focused on design, process and manufacture of marine and offshore engineering equipments, heavy machinery and mega-sized hydraulic equipments etc. 




Consisting of a professional and experienced engineering team, together with strong technical innovation capability. A team with 6 masters, 19 undergraduates, 13 senior engineers. Awarded 9 National Invention Patents and 18 Utility Model Patents on several offshore engineering equipments, 13 offshore engineering patents that granted by State Intellectual Property Office. “offshore jack-up drilling platform locking device” & “jack-up drilling platform cantilever slip system” awarded as state high-tech products. Every year 20 patents more were applied. As the first drafter, the company drafted Jacking, Locking, Cantilever Skidding Systems product inspection standard as national standards together with CCS. These standards have gradually online publicity presently. /> Innovation Team focusing on engineering.


Testing equipment


◆ 2sets of jacking system testing machine
◆ 2sets of fixation system testing machine
◆ 1set of duration testing machine for cantilever & drill-floor roller
◆ 1set of full –scale ring beam lifting system testing machine

Proved Quality
Delivery the high performance equipments to the customer for years.





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