Who we are 


A fast growing company.

SAGTA is born as a ship & lifting equipment trader and accumulated a lot reputation from our excellent quality and favorable service for many years. Now we have grown to be one stable and passionate company to serve vary industry.

A excellent professional team.

SAGTA own one diversified background team, including senior design engineers, project management engineers, commissioning engineers, quality control engineers, etc. This team can provide professional service for customer with rich experience. Our sales team always response to our customer immediately and passionately. Based on our mutual effort, customer can obtain optimal experience from SAGTA.

A diversified company.

SAGTA have obtained reputation in many fields, such as offshore, petroleum, subsea engineering, lifting equipment, and machining works, etc. We continuously build overseas departments close to our customer and provide more direct and immediate response.

A solution provider.

SAGTA, equipped with professional team and powerful resource reserve, can provide one stop service, from equipment purchase, project management, production supervision to designing and consultant. We always treasure our customers’ demand and try our best to integrate our powerful source (manufacturing base, design institute, project management team, finanical institution) to provide superior, efficient, and economical solutions.

A reliable company.

SAGTA care our staff very much and provide a lot opportunity for them to grow up. SAGTA care our customer sincerely and never give up our promise to them. SAGTA care our partner’s development and help them promote continuously. SAGTA care about sustainable development and is full of social responsibility.

About us

Dalian University of Technology (DUT)


Shanghai Jiao Tong University


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