Sagta is a high technical company in China, provide a full range, high performance-price ratio grinding technology selection schemes, equipments, and total solution to the users on iron ore, copper, gold, molybdenum phosphate, bauxite ore crushing and grinding field etc



Production Equipments


And many other equipments.


Max shearing capability: thickness 20mm, width 3200mm
Max edge milling capability: length 9000mm.
Max cutting machine: length 12m, thickness 80mm












1. Selection

According to the design parameters, selection of site conditions, determine the grinding machine specifications and decorate a form.

2. The finite element optimization design




Widely used FEA finite element analysis software for key parts such as strength calculation, determine the optimal structure parameters, the reliability of use.

3. 3D drawing design

In new product development, scientific research widely used 3D design
1. By adopting physical function such as cutting, product structure be clear at a glance;
2. Using 3D design, automatic assembly interference, motion interference check, ensure assembly smoothly;
3. Using 3D design can generate 3D contour diagram;
4. Using 3D design can generate 2 CAD production with figure. 
















Rod mill for coal water slurry production line


Coal water slurry preparation process

Provide special CWS rod mill, screw feeder, vibrating screen, coal-water slurry filter, pump, high shear processing tube dilution, dispersant dilution mixing barrel, stabilizer mixing barrel, coal-water slurry buffer handling barrels, homogeneous mixing barrel, stability of slaking barrel, slurry mixing barrel and other complete sets of equipment, storage is suitable for preparation of coal slurry, coal to olefin, coal gas, petroleum coke and other areas of the coal chemical industry.





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