Cooperating with Chinese famous salvage company, we develop the special equipment to increase the
efficiency and reduce the dangerous. It bring the salvage company good benefit.

800t underwater salvage grab

The grab closing strength can reach 4800t, during the process of grab falling,the grab finger can pierce through the sunken ship deck with the selfweight of grab, the huge grab closing strength can easily tear 20mm
 thickness deck (theory shearing strength of closing up to 8000t )


Intoduction of main character

2.1 Lifiting capacity up to 800t, which is the world largest, using on the floating crane, has high efficiency of
350t steel scrap salvaging each time;

2.2.Mainly using on the salvaging sunken ship underwater;
With the huge grab closing strength ,it is easily pierce through the ship deck and tear the ship body into pieces after several work cycles, and the pieces will be salvage completely. There are several traditional salvage
methods which are buoyancy salvage, floating deck salvage, dismantle salvage and underwater exploding
salvage; This type grab is capable of tearing and salvaging, it is the first and innovative method in the sunken
ship salvaging field.

Basic Parameter


1200T salvage pontoon, the biggest one in the world





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