Hydraulic Viscous Soft Start Device for Belt Conveyor




- Enable motor no-load start up, reduce the shocks to electrical and mechanical equipments;

- Provide an adjustable, smooth and shock-free start moment for drive device;

- Power Balance for multiple drives;

- Automatic overload protection;

- Flexible in speed adjust, enable the stepless speed adjust and conveyor belt test run, etc.;

- High transmission efficiency, high reliability and low operating cost;

- No additional cooling system requires, lower operation cost and easier for maintenance;

- Motors operate continuously under no-load condition, avoids the frequent start-up and stop.



Transmitting the torque via liquid viscosity (oil film shear force), it is applicable to the controllable start-up, speed adjust and stoppage of belt conveyors in coal mines, clocks, cements plants, etc.

Patent designing and awarded by national.


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