We design and produce the fully hydraulic pipe beveling machines including internal expanding type and external clamping type, it cover all sizes from pipe 6 in to 80 in.

The extreme high cutting accuracy (+-0.05mm, roughness Ra1.6) and tremendous fast cutting efficiency (1-5 mins) reach the top class in the world.

All configurations of our pipe beveling machine are adopted renowned world – class brands

We set demanding strict requirements on all working processes for each part/component production , only for one spindle part , there are 35 working processes . from raw material inspections to metallographic analysis after material hear treatment , from dimensions measurements of each production process until to comprehensive assessments after hard chromium plating, we strive for excellence /perfection on each production process, we devote all our loves ,passions to these jobs and strong sense of responsibility to customers .

We are approved supplier of CNOOC (China National Offshore Oil Corporation), our products had been successfully applied on the offshore project of pipe laying barge “Offshore Oil 201”.

Our pipe beveling machines have been sold to Middle East ,South Korea , India , Brazil ,Russia and other countries and enjoy high reputation in these markets.


We have sold over 1,000 units of internal pneumatic line-up clamp around the world, until now, there has not been any construction project interruption caused by our product quality inssue.

We design and manufacture form 6 in to 80 in full range of internal line-up clamps including both offshore pipe laying barge and onshore project use, we also offer internal line-up clamps with copper back up shoes and special custom design.


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