Pipe Line Insider Anti-Rusty & Coating & Inspecting Machine


GD - BK Series Technical Advantage


Comparing with similar products, GD-BK can complete therust removal, coating and inspection independently. Onemachine with multifunction

DC power supply

Using the DC battery pack, no electric cable needed,operation distance could extend to 1000meter. Ensuring the quality, effeciency, cost saving.

Individual material feeding system

By special feeding pump and rotative spray cup,two-component coating material is mixed inside the cup.
Vary vinyl polymerization and thick liquid coating material could be used. Uniformly sparing, easily cleaning,labor/material saving


The moving, positioning, observing, rust removing and coating are remote controlled. Therefore it can realize the continuous and multi-operation. Reducing the cost by 30%.

One step coating

By using high build paint(such like one coat solvent free paint), the thickness could reach 240um in one step. Saving time and labor and cost.

High performance to price/cost ratio

Compact design, easy operation and maintenance. The main components select the high standard products. Price is competitive and the performance is world advance

GD - BK Application Field

◆ Five type
• GD - BK - 159/200 - DC
• GD - BK - 219/355 - DC
• GD - BK - 377/630 - DC
• GD - BK - 426/711 - DC
• GD - BK - 800/1200 - DC
• GD - For steel pipe, BK - with coating function, ×××/××× - Min.
 /Max pipe dia. DC - with DC buttery power supply.
◆  Voltage: DC24V
◆  Working distance(one direction): 1000m
◆  Positioning accuracy: ±3mm
◆  moving speed: 8 ∽ 13m/min
◆  Climbing angle:  7°∽ 18°
◆  Rusty removing standard: GB/T8923 - 1998, ST3
◆  Coating breadth: 180 ∽ 200mm(adjustable)
◆  coating thickness: 120 ∽ 240m(adjustable)

GD - BK series are widely used in world wide market, both on-shore and offshore. Such like Hongkong-Shenzhen under sea gas line (dia. 457X17.5. 50 KM). Shengli Oileld, Dagang Oileld, Haikou International airport, Haikou Power Station, Algeria long distance oil transportation line. More than 4000 KM.

Main Function

1、High efciency rust removal
2、Inside coating for welded joint
3、Video and camera recording

GD - BK Economic Benefit

Extend the pipe line service life. Ensure the coating quality.
Saving the investment cost. Reducing the environment
pollution risk due to the pipe line’s damage.
Pipeline Crawling X-Ray Defectoscope
Adapt to diameter 159mm~1200mm.
Operator remotely control trolley crawling inside of pipe, and supervise its working condition via outside monitor and working condition screen. When monitor showing welding line, operator should locate trolley in the accurate position, and press high pressure start button. Then PLC control system will start X-ray high pressure status and 360 degree expose negative outside of welding line. All above can nish circular transillumination for welding line at one time.

◆  Wide application
Applying to pipe diameter from 159mm to 1200mm.

◆  High automation
Adopt wireless digital signal transmission remote control system and PLC. Photo times, obstacle encounter, water encounter, battery low voltage and none high pressure start of inside working trolley will be shown on the operation panel. With function of self protection, stop and exit.

◆  Various location type
According to customer’s requirement, it can adopt wireless remote positioning or isotope tracing positioning

◆  Frequency conversion and speed controlling
Adopt pulse width modulation walking contactless control system. Crawler’s speed accelerate from 0 to rated speed stably, which will reduce impulse for electrical control system and driven unit and prolong life of equipment.

◆  Flexible X-Ray parameter setup
Add voltage stabilizer in high pressure circuit, which can achieve that KV value and exposure time of X-ray machine is continuously adjustable in a 0.1 min interval and under1KV via crawling machine’s panel. In this situation, blackness of exposure negative can keep same all time to meet requirement of site inspection.

◆  Small isotope measuring for positioning
Radioisotope measuring is only 5 millicurie, which is 20 times less than other crawler.

◆  High positioning accuracy
Isotope positioning receiving sensor adopt dual lines control principle, whose positioning accuracy is much higher than one line type. Positioning success rate is 100%.

◆  Equipped with auxiliary rescue equipment
GD-TS series is equipped with auxiliary ambulance and wire rope. Once there is abnormal condition and equipment fault and trolley can not exit out of pipe, ambulance can draw trolley out without any cutting and< damage for equipment.

1. High efciency, 30 times higher than traditional technology.
2. Better photo quality, with high negative denition and even exposure.
3. Lower cost, inside photo technology can save more 60% cost compared to outside photo technology.
4. Reduce exposure to human body. Pipe wall can shield more than 80% exposure.


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