Spud leg locking system



It increases the support force of leg by locking the rack. Improve the wind wave resistance and load capacity of platform, when it work with the jacking system or work alone.

The features 

Compact structure, the required precision of installed hull structure is not very high, easy to install.

Equal load distribution can avoid the overload of the rig rack.

The efficiency of locking/unlocking is very high, only need about 2 hours to complete locking/unlocking actions.

It can achieve the dynamic transfer between fixation system and jacking system

Special travel control system ensure the automatic match with jacking system. The spare parts manufactured by strict process and get a good interchangeability.

Fully consideration was given to the easily purchase of spare parts and interchangeability brands when using.

The complete set of product has passed the CCS/ABS inspection and full load test.



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