SAGTA Engineering Co,.Ltd. is a company can carry out structure optimization of product, life evaluation technology for heavy equipments, repair services for engineering machinery products, lifting plan for petrochemical, nuclear power, wind power, thermal power and other industries, seismic analysis of crane, services for mechanical-electronic-hydraulic controlling technology.

We can do statics and dynamics analysis of product through the industry-leading analysis software (Ansys, Ideas, Adams);In terms of key technology, they can be applied to product design and optimization through the further research of nite element analysis technology, topology optimization technology, buckling analysis technology, geometric nonlinear analysis technology, contact analysis technology, dynamic analysis technology and other key technologies.

To evaluate product life through the theoretical study of life evaluation method for the formation and development of crack, fatigue damage cumulative theory, life evaluation method based on fracture mechanics.

Combined with years of industry experience, we can set lifting plan and craft techniques, design of special lifting tools and lifting optimization design for nuclear power, petrochemical industry, electric power construction, and we have developed auxiliary lifting software of its own intellectual property which can ensure the rationality of lifting plan.

Seismic analysis is one of the mainly researches during the design of some special cranes. Such cranes should bear the maximum operating load and the loads caused by ultimate safety ground motion. In order to verify the security of crane, response spectrum method should be applied, and the maximum seismic response under the condition of dierent positions and multiple loads combination should be analyzed.

We can design the reasonable and eective hydraulic-electric system and select the type through the related key technology researches and the hydraulic-electric system technology






5.  Seismic analysis of Crane 

6.  Mechanical-Electronic-Hydraulic Controlling technology 

7.  Rapid design 

Typical projects


Lifting and transportation design for CV in AP 1000 nuclear power plant

Lifting plan and simulation for jackets in Liwan 3-1 gas field project

Lifting plan for heavy reactor in propane dehydrogenation unit of Yantai Wanhua project

Lifting system experiment of the heavy upper structure in Liwan 3-1 field project

Fatigue endurance analysis of 50ton offshore crane


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