These type of cranes are widely used in machinery, metallurgy, hydroelectricity, shipbuilding, railways and other industries.  We design and manufacture not only according to national standards, but also according to the customers requirements on working level, speed, control methods and other special requirements for the design and manufacture.


Overhead crane mainly consists of bridge-hook type, bridge-grab type, bridge-electromagnetic type, double use bridge type and triple use bridge type crane. These cranes are applicable in stockyards, warehouse, ports and factories for material handling, indoor and outdoor.

Crane has adopted the spearhead technologies from design, material selection and manufacturing, which outstands the crane performance especially in high frequency operations. The perfect braking system has greatly improved the safety and reliability of the crane with more than I million times safety operations.


More efficient, more energy-saving, more green

By means of modern computing technology and introducing of optimal and reliability design, Our company has developed the new type of electrical double girder overhead crane “Low-clearance double girder overhead crane” with reference to foreign advanced technology. The product has the unique structure, safe and reliable operation, as well as the advantages of energy-saving, high efficiency, compact appearance, low clearance, light weight and low wheel pressure etc. It is a lightweight, environmentally friend and energy saving ideal for lifting equipment which is applicable to machine fabrication, assembly, warehousing, workshops etc. with the operating temperature -20℃ ~ +40℃.

Representative Products :

100T Low-clearance double girder overhead crane
The lifting and running of the crane is full-frequency which makes the operation more stable and energy saving to 30%-40%. Compared with conventional bridge cranes , the total height of Low-clearance double girder overhead crane can reduce 1~2 meters so as to better use the workshops spaces. Position of the left and right limits of crane hook is reduced by 20% to 50% and the height of operating range is increased by 300~1000mm, allowing operators to have a broader domain to process more works.


Gantry crane with novel structure, good technology, flexible operation, safety and reliable.  Door frame with box-shaped structure, all structure assembled with high strength bolt; trolley conductive cable use new shaped rail device; lifting power is cable reel carts and trolley line style; control room with wide vision, inside has control mechanism based linkage units, operating flexible and working comfortable. It can also add air-conditioning, radio, and electronic alarm according to requirement.

This product is suitable for open storage, yard, rail freight station, harbor, and dock for loading and unloading work. It can also carry out special operations with a variety of spreader. According to using frequency and load, this crane has A5, A6 two working level(intermediate and heavy duty work system). The temperature for this crane is -20℃ ~ +40℃, relative humidity ≤85%, when used outside it has anti-rain facilities.

Representative Products :

ME 150T Double-beam double small door crane
Gantry  cranes machine is novel structure, good technology, all structure assembled with high strength bolt; the whole system uses the entire frequency drives, PLC central control, can realize single-action, interaction, turning, lifting, and work conditions for each institution. This crane also equipped with fault and performance monitoring system to ensure the safety operation of the equipment.


       With the development of shipbuilding, Our cranes advantage became ever. Shipbuilding gantry crane span large, can lift higher and section close is prevail. In the accumulation of domestic and international advanced production technology, we make full use of advanced information technology, to ensure that the product can operate safe, reliable and stable in various environments.

Representative Products :

MEC 800T Shipbuilding gantry crane

Lifting weight of the crane of is 800 tons and the turnover weight is 600t, with the 180 meters span, 83 meters lifting height above the track and 13.5 meters below. The main electrical system is Siemens S120 and S7-300 series. The whole machine uses optical fiber for communications and the control system uses a programmable logic controller PLC for centralized control and crane management. The entire electrical control system follows the advanced close-loop vector inverter drive system and the control system is equipped with the zoom camera, touch screen in drive’s cab, which enables easier control of machine running conditions. Many technologies of the crane have reached the leading level in China.

MEC 1000T Shipbuilding gantry crane


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