Port handling system


Bridge-Type Grab Ship Unloads
Bridge type grab shipunloader utilized advanced technology of mechanical differential trolley grab unloading, it has advantage of fast speed & high efficiency , widely applicable for small and medium size port and power plant terminal coal ship unloading. It can be customized according to port and a user’s different requirements

Shiploader is primary used for ocean shipment and large cargo loose material shiploading, can quickly complete shipment in a relatively short period of time. Shiploader operates stable and uniform, balance the cabin center, enhance the safety coefficient of theship and crew.

Transfer solution
Transfer system as a type of mobile terminal, is not limited by regions, it can greatly extend the original logistics chain, thus lower logistics cost dramatically.



Port crane


Jibs for the four-bar linkage or rack, light in weight and wheel load is small, the use of wire rope luffing system can be set with amplitude, and for horizontal displacement. This crane with a lifting, rotation, luffing, walking, four working main parts. Can either work alone, you can also adjust work. Inter-agency linkage greatly enhance the efficiency of the equipment out, and smooth, safe and reliable, is ideal for lifting workat shipyard and port equipment, Nantong Rainbow Heavy Machineries in the design, manufacture and installation using of rich experience, excellent technology and reliable technology to ensure products’ safety in a variety of normal operating conditions, reliable and stable operations.


The crane operation is flexible and wide-ranging, is the port handling bulk containers and various types of ideal models. Also, the machine speed of the body quickly, can frequency continuous operation, is ideal for loading and unloading crane.


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