Ship crane


This crane mainly applies in special engineering vessels and fits for offshore engineering vessels and platforms.  There are 2 types of crane: the slewing type and the fixing type crane. The slewing type crane is mainly used in high-frequency operating conditions. The slewing crane is usually equipped with the ancillary hook and the lifting boom can luff accordingly. The fixing type crane mainly applies to lifting operation of heavy goods and usually equipped with ancillary hooks. The lifting height and range differs according to practical needs.
The manufacturing of this crane is based on client’s needs and the operating environments conditions. This type of lifting equipment has advanced design and high technology. The winch and control systems are fully designed .

Representative Products : MYQ2024 Gantry Hydraulic Rotary Crane
The crane is a new type mobile engineering crane which is used for cutter suction dredger. It is equipped with mobile gantry bracket and hydraulic rotary crane, its lifting height is 45 meters, lifting weight is 20 tons. The system can offer precise speed control through electric proportion valve.


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