We represent one of the largest pressure vessel manufacturer.

Our plant engaged in designing and manufacturing pressure vessels used in the fields of coal chemical, petrochemical industry, natural gas, alumina, metallurgy, chemical fertilizer, chemical fiber, medication, paper-making etc---- the company occupies and area more than 660,000㎡ and owns over 2,000 employees, which makes us as one of the national major non-standard pressure vessel manufacturer.

Plant Area


Total area is 163 acres (about 660,000 ㎡),
with which 44 acres(about 180,000 ㎡) covered by the factory headquarter and other 119 acres (about 480,000 ㎡)is for Changshan Heavy-duty Equipment Base.

The Headquarter:

15,000㎡ Heavy-duty Workshop I,
12,000㎡ Heavy-duty WorkshopⅡ,
9,000㎡ Heavy-duty Workshop Ⅲ,
5500㎡ Stainless Steel Manufacturing Workshop,
4,000㎡ Precious Metal Clean Workshop,
4,000㎡ Evaporator Workshop,
7,500㎡ Material Cutting Shop,
3,000㎡ Machining Workshop.



25000t oil press machine

Lifting weight 600T

Extra large rolling machine

Plate Bending Roller could make cold rolling for plates with thickness 270mm and hot rolling for plates with thickness 360mm

Welding Machine with Band-electrode imported from US Model: DC-1500 Maximum Overlay Welding Diameter 6000mm Welding Strip Width: 70mm

Twin Wire Narrow-gap Auto Welding Machine Model: HSS-300WTwin Wire

Heat treatment furnace
Model :6.5*7*26m      13*14*36m      10*11*30m      6*6.5*22m

Sandblasting Room
Model:36*13*14m      6*7*26m      6.5*7*30m      5.6*7*20m      5*5*15m

Gantry rotary-spindle deep hole drilling machine Drilling Diameter φ5~62 mm
Thickness of work piece ≦250 mm

CK52 NC double column vertical lathe 5,000mm Maximum Turning Outer Diameter 5000mm
Carrying Capacity of Chassis: 60 t

CNC twin spindles deep-hole drilling machine
Work piece diameter ≦4000 mm
Drilling Diameter φ16~40 mm
Thickness of work piece ≦750 mm

Heavy duty horizontal lathe
Work piece diameter ≦2000 mm
Length of work piece ≦16000 mm

CNC High speed drilling machine
Dimension 6000*6000 mm
Drilling diameter ≦ φ 63 mm
Thickness of work piece ≦200 mm

CNC Double column vertical lathe
Maximum machining diameter 12500mm
Carrying capacity of chassis: 250 t

Lifting weight 300ton




Quality system

In order to standardize the establishment and implement the company’s pressure vessel quality assurance system and authentically ensure the effective control of the safety and energy-saving performance of pressure vessels, Pressure Vessel Quality Assurance Manual is worked out in accordance with the regulations of TSG Z0004-2007 Basic Requirements for Special Equipment Quality Assurance System on Manufacture, Installation, Alteration and Repair and based on the factory’s actual condition, e.g. its type of industry, scale and product structure, our design and manufacture quality assurance system has been established, improved and operating in good condition.

Inspection & testing


The pressure vessel was made by our company. is known for its stability, endurance and perfect features. In the fabrication line, every sequence will be strictly checked, including chemical analysis, physical features, anti-corrosion detection, metallurgical analysis and quantity-oriented spectrum analysis and others. In terms of NDE capability, test machine includes large-power Cobalt60 Gamma Radiography, X-ray machine, 4Mev liner accelerator with maximum scanning thickness of 250mm,RT,UT, MT and PT. These equipments and scientific quality management system make sure that the company can accomplish super large-scale core products for many critical projects.

Cobalt-60 fault detector

Portable Spectrum Detector

Physicochemical Lab

Technical Research


Established Graduate workstation with university Owning one Provincial science and technology support plan One provincial level independent innovation products Three Provincial high-tech products 15 research and development projects Plate falling film evaporator is Provincial high-tech products Duplex double beam four large parts molding equipment is Provincial science and technology support plan National torch plan key high-tech enterprise 95.6million Research and development spending from 2008 to 2010 3.3% research and development spending to Gross revenue




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