Metallurgy crane is one of the main production equipment in the smelting workshop. The crane used in the converter shop to ship the molten iron from the blast workshop to the mixer. And then ship the molten iron in the mixer to the converter or from the blast workshop to the converter directly. In the converter or open-hearth workshop, the crane will steelmaking furnace molten steel in a cross between the continuous casting and ingot for casting purposes. This crane has separate driving system for main and ancillary trolleys. The main trolley is equipped with a fixed pitch gantry hook to lift the teeming ladle. The ancillary trolley can be used for tilting the teeming ladle or doing other auxiliary lifting operations. The crane adopts safety and reliable hoisting mechanism, and it can show the weight of the hanging objects in driver’s cab and workshop, the crane uses a closed partial track girder which brings good vertical and horizontal stiffness.

Representative Products : RYZS Casting crane with four girders
The crane rated load : 100-320t, Span: 16.5-40.5m.


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