Self-cooling Disc Brake Device




- Control the deceleration speed during stop procedure in the range of 0.1-0.3m/s² the max. Brake torque is convenient to adjust;

- Stop belt conveyors in reliable and safe pattern when abrupt blackout or emergency stop signals occurs;

- Brake 10 times every hour and the surface temperature of braking disc is far less than 150℃;

- Advanced and reliable detection for slip and over speed, protection to be done via hydraulic ratio;

- Hydraulic system is easy and convenient in commissioning and installation, with high reliability;

- When cooperated with electrical control system, downward belt conveyors can be re-started controllably and safety under full-loaded condition;

- Applicable for ground and underground conditions with coal dust, marsh gas and explosive risk, etc.;



Mainly used for the controllable brake and stop of large electrical & mechanical equipments, especially for downward belt conveyors. A patented product.



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